Bob’s Bio

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This may sound strange, but personally, I find myself interesting. I get surprised at the things I can do and usually these discoveries take place when I am in the middle of a party, or in  the loo contemplating on how long that particular moment would last. I just know that I am built for something I am yet to find out and slowly I am getting there. This website is one step closer to that discovery and I am curious if one of you will be part of that little personal achievement of mine.

If I had not gotten the job that I’m doing now, I’d probably be in the showbiz industry kissing asses of people and whoring myself out to fulfill my obligation to entertain. Oddly enough, I am already exposing much of myself not just in the virtual world but in the real scheme of things, so I contradict myself to say that I am not really in showbiz but I am in showbiz. Ask my friends. They’d gladly brag about my moments of fame.

Aside from getting a kick out of whining, I like to praise. I like to analyze. I like to listen. I like to talk. I like thinking a lot. I like smart people. I have a lot of free time to stare at nothing and produce something worthwhile out of that void. I like my little city because it’s getting bigger. I like being alone. I like to join the chaos of the crowd at parties. I’m the life of a party au naturelle.

I like life and everything else, thus this site. And it’s not just about me really.