A Very Quick Encounter

Jul 25, 2012 by

A donya-donyahan woman was walking at the mall today. I was behind her. She dropped her car keys & didn’t notice. I instinctively picked it up and called out to give it to her. She stared at me in a condescending manner without saying anything. I was in my element so: “maybe you should learn how to say Thank You next time like what I teach children who I wish will never grow old like you” in my solid booming voice. Her cakey face melted and changed from Langka to More Langka. Hayyy some people.

The Duchess of Alba

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  1. I love the Duchess of Alba, the lady with the most titles of nobility bestowed upon a single person. She beat the Duchess of Medinacelli!

    • admin

      You are extremely awesome when it comes to the Royalty! No one can top you as far as I know! LOL…

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