A Sharky Afternoon

Mar 26, 2011 by

I had a few options for an afternoon movie today: 1. The Eagle (but the reviews were bad; and I trust the review if it’s coming from JZafra), 2. Sucker Punch (But I don’t trust the trailer of the film especially because it’s a teen-flick-action stuff), 3. Justin Beiber Never Say Never (the thought of watching Justin Beiber’s face enlarged 20 million times on the big screen freaks me out. Leave the ‘hair movie‘ to Tangled please)… oops. Which leaves me to two remaining movie choices.

Catch Me, I’m In Love promises a visual cotton candy if we internalize its promotions being bombarded to us every 5 seconds on TV. Sarah Geronimo’s acting is genuine and I trust her sweetness. She looks good. She sings well. But what distracts me is the shallowness of the plot. It’s the film studio’s ruthless disrespect to social responsibility. Lately, I have been annoyed with the movies produced by Star Cinema because they suck. The titles alone make me cringe already. And that voice over in the promotional spots just adds up to the annoyance. So with these considerations in mind, the decision was not so difficult to make, really.

SHARK ATTACK is our film feature today.

In this movie, I do not recognize any of its actors. This got me excited because whenever a movie features a set of underrated actors, they usually all die. The film is set in an Australian reef  where 5 individuals come together for some reason they do not bother explain. Their characters are loosely introduced, but reading their non-verbal cues, I assume one couple who comes from Sydney decides to boat-trip with an old friend (this old friend being the main character) who happens to be his sister’s former lover. They take a yacht to a coral island and basked under the sun. On their way back to the main island, the boat hits the shallow water and coral rocks ripped the bottom hull (aren’t hulls supposed to be at the bottom?). The stupid yacht capsized and the thriller begins. Very little do we know about their characters because I think the film intends to make the shark the main dude.

The smart guy (named Luke) convinces the others to swim their way to the main island because the current is taking them off to the ocean. Their situation tells us that they don’t have a choice but to swim or else what’s the point of this movie. We are after how they are attacked and if they will survive the attack and will we see limbs that would look like steak.

The film is surprisingly good. It kept me on the edge of my seat because it is quiet, mysterious and do not resort to a lot of talking and explaining. They just swam and swam and the shark just enjoyed its buffet so effortlessly. I know, this one’s a spoiler.

Watch it if you’re after something predictable and you like pretending you don’t know what would happen next.

**PS. I wanted to credit the filmmakers and the cast of SHARK ATTACK, but to my dismay, it doesn’t even have a write-up nor on Imdb! I found out there are so many versions of Shark Attack (Shark Attack 1, Shark Attack 2, Shark Attack 3, Malibu Beach Shark Attack, Spring Break Shark Attack, etc). This one must be so under-budgeted. I don’t even think SHARK ATTACK is its real title. Someone in the film distribution must have tampered with the material.

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  1. mabeck

    title pa lang, ending na (read as, “kanin pa lang, ulam na!”).

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