A Series of Pre-Birthday Unfortunate Events

Aug 5, 2014 by

There are days when shit comes pouring down like serious pain in the ass. They unfold in a sequence that continuously bring shock and awe and you wish you can just vanish in a snap. My 34th birthday was a symbolic marker that wrapped and yielded a series of unfortunate events that have eaten up much of my energy, to my dismay. But let’s all face it: we do have bad days. And mine had been stretched for far too long I decided that once my 34th comes, I’d reclaim my lost spirits and be the bitch that I truly am. So here’s the beginning of that.

Event # 1: We all have our horror stories at work. A dreadful supervisor. A monstrous co-worker. A twisted administration. A bunch of idiots ruining a supposedly harmonious environment. Mine sort of brought together all these evil elements in a big bang fashion at the expense of good people who were doing their jobs well. There was serious mudslinging, scheming, character assassination — the works! Before my very eyes unfolded acts of professional slaughter. Senior co-workers behaving like extremely sick psychos, all hungry for the ultimate title of The Grandmaster of the Battle Between the Hopeless and the Hopeful. I belonged to the hopeful ones. I was part of the battle. I signed the pact with my own blood and was in a fighting stance, ready to wage full war against anybody because I was fighting for a principle. At the end of the day, however, when all the rage has subsided, life becomes so much better and the enemies continue to look uglier. With their pitiful lives so contained within their very small territories, one can only ask God for forgiveness. On their behalf.

Event # 2: Being too knowledgable about the affairs of some people is not good. No amount of nonchalance or honesty will save you from being blamed and you can only deal with so much until you finally decide to detach.

Event # 3: You have a gaga friend whose greatest achievement is to believe in her lies she thinks it’s the truth.

Event # 4: A commitment goes all tangled up for some reason. I had no way out because I banked on trust. Thank God I survived it but I learned one very important lesson: I will never allow a similar situation to ever happen again. Next time I will be very careful and will not allow myself to be pushed over.

And since I have gotten out of my weird situations alive, I took baby steps in my recuperation process. So I gathered my sane friends to cap my birthday. It’s one of the few birthdays where I’m in town because usually, I am summoned by the Queen of England for some tea. As for my birthday wishes, I have a few:

1. Good-looking students for the upcoming sem

2. Gain a few pounds for my arms, chest and ass.

3. A trip to Amanpulo (choz).

4. A recording album (hahaha!).

5. To do another musical this year.

The new breed of Bobby's minions. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Birthday dates: The new breed of Bobby’s minions. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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