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Mar 19, 2011 by

Because I’m a dancer (and a classically-trained one, at that), I refuse to get hooked at too much sports that could possibly threaten my muscle memory. But quite frankly, I come from a family of athletes: a runner uncle, a triathlete aunt, a basketball player dad, and a good number of cousins who are into football and swimming. This refusal to involve myself into mainstream sports however does not mean I am not a sports fan. I thoroughly enjoy watching men and women who defy gravity and morph into human machines all for the sake of athleticism.

Running, Marathon, Duathlon and Triathlon are multi-sport events that are currently picking up popularity among the Ilonggo multi-sport enthusiasts. The rising consciousness on healthy living and wellness among the Ilonggos became a trend when Trenas Boulevard was completed and the strip is transformed into a wellness park during early mornings and afternoons as people of all walks of life engage in walking, brisk walking, biking, skateboarding, running, and outdoor aerobics. These activities have become so popular in the city that the exercise patrons have actually put up their own organizations.

Ilonggo health buffs doing their outdoor exercise routines at Trenas Boulevard. (Photo courtesy of Vincent Grecia from gigsilonggo.com)

Just this morning, the JCI-Iloilo in cooperation with City Office of Iloilo, ABS-CBN, and SM City Iloilo organized the first Iloilo City Triathlon, Duathlon and 10K Run in celebration of the Liberation of Panay (it’s official holiday here by the way). Some of my friends are avid runners and in preparation for their upcoming Ironman 2011 challenge, they take these events as practice for the major athletic event come August. Here are some photos of today’s event.

Diane and Kevin at 5.30 AM preparing for the start of the race.

10K Run first place finisher. (Sorry, didn't get his name)

The 10K Run first place finisher receiving his T-Shirt and certificate

Mars Florete III finishing up!

Kevin racing fast towards the finish line with a close contender

A famous person is interviewed even if he does not finish first place.

Diane with her teammates

Gus coming from the bike round of his Triathlon challenge

Gus coming back from his 10K Run round -- getting to the finish line in one piece. LOL

**Next up: Manggahan Festival in Guimaras Marathon (with 5k, 10k and 21k races) on April 10, 2011 at 5:30 AM.

**Super Next Up: IRONMAN PHILIPPINES (Camarines Sur)!!! For the win, TEAM FRESKA! I’m extremely excited for you guys: Kevin and Gus! (I think it would be best if you guys get me and Pau and Moniq a separate room for the pre-Ironman days).


  1. Hello Sir Bob Do you have any official time for the JCI triathlon last March 18 2011, thnx

    • bobby

      Hey Frank! =) I’m sure there is an official time with the organizers, but my friends who ran (because I didn’t! haha) just took note of their time based on the leaderboard at the finish line. You can get a copy of it from the JCI people, I suppose. =)

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