A historic list of firsts: ILOILO (part 3)

May 18, 2011 by

A continuation…

21. The first concrete road in the country – from Forbes Bridge to Jaro Plaza.

photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jazairstrip16/2302821855/

22. The first city to have a car assembly plant- Taller Visayas de Strachan & McMurray. The car assembled was the “Delier” in the 1920’s.

23. The first province to produce many millionaires and the first city to have a millionaire’s row.

24. The first Filipino to launch the propaganda movement in Spain, Graciano Lopez Jaena of Jaro also known as the greatest orator the Philippines ever produced.

Graciano Lopez-Jaena

25. The only Filipino nominated to the Supreme Court of Cuba – Raymund Melliza.

26. The first Filipino to fly an airplane for passenger was an Ilonggo – Jose Tinsay in 1925.

27. The first doctor of Laws from Oxford University – Melquidas Gamboa.

28. The first doctor of Philosophy in Political Science – Victorino Diamonon.

29. The first Filipino doctor of Education – Pedro E. Y Rio.

30. The first Filipino woman doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Josette Garcia Portigo.

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