A Historic List of Firsts: ILOILO (part 1)

May 14, 2011 by

MyIloilo.net has been given the privilege to publish a list of historical points of Iloilo through the graciousness of Ms Vicki Jardiolin-Villa whose sister is working with a friend that is coming up with a book on Iloilo Heritage — something precious we should all look forward to. I lack historical photos to support the list and welcome possibilities of contributions from readers who have photographic records of these important events in Iloilo.

Out of 55 items, I am publishing the first ten for now so you won’t get overwhelmed too soon. But with the information I have at hand, these are truly overwhelmingly interesting — and partly surprising. However the list is by no means complete.

So here goes.

1. Iloilo is site of the Malayan landing in the Philippines, according to the Maragtas Legend.

2. The first school for boys in the Philippines was founded in Tigbauan by the famous Jesuit priest and historian, Pedro Chirino in 1592.

3. The first place to put up a Christian church in the Philippines was Jalaud (Dumangas) in what is now the barangays of Ermita in 1566.

4. Iloilo is the first city outside Manila to have a foreign business house (Loney & Co.) and the first foreign vice-consul.

Muelle Loney & Co statue by the pier. Photo courtesy of http://iloilocityboy.blogspot.com

5. The first province to export sugar to Australia.

6. The only province to have two cities during the Spanish time: Iloilo City, chartered in 1890, and Jaro in 1891.

7. The biggest province in the Philippines in population, income and economic production during the 19th century.

8. The best and biggest producer of textile during the Spanish era.

9. The first city outside Manila to have electricity, telephone, telegraph, railway, ice plant, automobile, and other modern conveniences.

10. The first province outside Luzon to fly the Philippine National Flag (in Sta. Barbara, Nov. 17, 1898.)

The Kahilwayan Tribe of Sta Barbara Iloilo that competes in Aliwan Fastival focuses on the historic raising of the Philippine Flag during the Spanish Revolution. Photo courtesy of byahilo.com

**The next set of list will be published soon. Keep coming!

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