A dream within a dream

Nov 17, 2011 by

These past few weeks, I have been sleeping early. Thanks to my training regimen and my trainer Paul (who’s more determined than I am in turning me into a Tuna endorser by December) and my ever supportive gym buddy Alvin. Things are falling into place and most of my unwanted fats have been flushed down the drain. Two days ago, I slept at around 9 PM just like any other nights. I am not a frequent dreamer while asleep. If I do dream, I don’t remember most of it. I awaken to a completely sane world with no remnants of a horrifying dream or a fantastical tour like what most people say about astral travel (seeing yourself asleep while you are afloat is so totally… Peter Pan-ish. Not my thing). But two nights ago, this particular dream was the strangest, the oddest, and the clearest of them all in terms of vivid imagery and plot. In my dream, I am performing onstage. The light focus on me is too bright I am squinting. I can’t make anything of the crowd, not even a silhouette of those closest to the stage. It feel like I am standing in front of utter darkness, pitch black. It is too dark it’s blinding. Then I finish singing and step down the stage. Then I begin to see the audience. I try to see their faces, but their heads look like they were erased out of the frame, so all I see are their necks — and everything on top of it has vanished into thin air. Then someone else go onstage. I don’t recognize her. She has very long hair. She starts singing opera. People cheer. Still no heads. Then the singer’s hair, I figure, is actually a wig. The wig begins to float on its own and nobody seems to mind. Suddenly someone with a face sits beside me. I speak to him and these are my exact words: I think I am dreaming. Is this a dream? The man beside me does not say anything but after a while nods his head in agreement. I continued, THIS IS A DREAM. I know there’s nothing real here. I need to wake up. Why can’t I wake up? I try to create a commotion. I scream, I shake people with no heads. But nothing comes out of my throat. No voice. I am in panic. Then I awaken. I knew I was awake because I checked my phone and the clock says it was 3.45 AM. I stayed in bed and tried to catch my breath. I was palpitating. Then I sat up. Then chills started to seep under my skin when the dog in the neighborhood (an empty lot right next to the house) howled. The kind of howling that was so unusual it sounded like the dog was dying. It was loud yet subdued. It was the creepiest howl I have ever heard. For the first time, I had goosebumps because of a dog howl. I tried to sleep it off, thinking I’d be alright. I do not fantasize nor fear things like these and although there was obvious creepiness at the moment, I tried to use mind over matter. I dozed off once more. Then the dream continues. Same exact scene, same exact seat mate, same exact headless crowd, same exact opera singer, now her wig gone and still singing opera. How is this possible?! And I am still aware I am in a dream!!! In the dream, I stand up. I feel familiar about the theater. I walk with certainty towards a door I don’t even know whether is the exit or not. I am walking very fast but not too fast as to make a scene. I open the door and am faced with the same man who is earlier beside. I have to wake up, I tell the man. I cannot see his eyes, but I know they pierce through me. I am starting to get really scared. I am sweating. I rush back to where I come from, but stop midway. I am now frozen in front of headless people who, even without their heads, face me in an odd manner. They look as if they all want to strangle me. All a few thousand of them. I want to run, but I am standing still. My legs cannot move. Is this what they call a nightmare? SOMEONE PLEASE WAKE ME UP!!! I think I am surrounded by succubus!!! Then everything turns black. Then I heared the frightening howl of the dog in the lot-next-door. I

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was sweating and I knew I was awake. I sat up and opened the lights. I said The Lord’s Prayer. The howling faded away and I did not go back to sleep anymore. I wrote everything down and the clock says it was 5:00 AM. I stayed up until the sun lit up the horizon. I cannot explain what the entire phenomenon was, but I hope I am not meeting Freddy Krueger. It was one hellish night that combined dreams and reality in an interconnected and weird way.

The Nightmare 1782 by Henry Fuseli

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  1. bogssy

    i was gonna ‘like’ this but that seemed a bit inappropriate. hahah! anyways, u probably had way too much to eat for dinner. =)

  2. Aimee

    oh my. scary!!! that’s why i don’t sleep early. beyond 6 hours, nasty nightmares abound.. but you did well in trusting the Lord. He will cradle you in His arms while you sleep <3

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