10 Things You Can Do During Long Weekends

Aug 31, 2011 by

Long weekends mean an extra day off other than Saturday and Sunday (either a Friday or a Monday or both). This may be a puzzling thing for people who are not Filipinos, but one of the best legacies Gloria Arroyo has given the country is her compulsion to adjust Holidays to fit a long weekend. Thus, the phrase long weekend has become somewhat a verb phrase now (Are you going Long Weekend?). Here are some of the ways that you can do to make long weekends short:

1. Stay home and check every crevice of your room for stuff you can throw and stuff you can keep. I always take delight over crazy finds in my own room; such as an old five peso bill or a nice band aid with floral designs on it.

2. Catch up on your reading backlogs. I feel sorry for the books that sit on the shelf for months without being touched since the cashier wrapped it from the bookstore.

3. Travel somewhere you would like to be for a just a few days. Promo airfares are given away quite frequently (especially if you follow airlines on twitter), so plan your long weekend getaway ahead of time.

4. Sleep. Nothing beats the act of just being in bed and allowing yourself some sloth moments — it’s a good break from your stressful routine at work.

5. Exert effort in gathering your dear friends whom you have not hung out with due to busy work schedule. Long weekends are great opportunities for catching up without being pressed for time.

6. Bombard yourself with Meryl Streep movies while eating take out lunches from KFC, or that awesome Charlie Chan pasta from Yellow Cab.

7. Catalog your digital photos. This is something you probably cannot do until you realize you’re running out of space on your hard drive.

My compulsion: Cataloging. I must have been a librarian in my past life.

8. Treat yourself to a good spa and pamper yourself with the luxuries of vanity (for once). Go for a facial, a new hairstyle, a derma treatment, and all the other stuff TV always told us to be a kit for survival.

Not to this extent of making over.

9. Visit relatives who live faraway. Don’t forget that while we live busy lives because we are at the peak of our careers, our family are in their quiet little corner praying that we (the younger generation) succeed in our endeavors. Gratitude and appreciation can get us a looong way.

10. Do what you have been planning to do but always thought you never got the time to do it. Grab the chance by the balls and carpe diem. Like planking.

My godson, Migo Pison-Borro doing one of the greatest inventions of man: planking.

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  1. resy

    HAHAHA! planking for the win! :)

  2. Theodore

    I was able to go back jogging.It was something that I hadn’t done in a long time.While I was doing it,something came up.I’ll let you know..:-)..you might like it!Keep in touch!

  3. RamirJM

    another good read, bob. i was only able to enjoy two days of the 4-day long weekend because of work. nevertheless, i was able to do numbers 1, 4, 7 and 9. i’ll take ur advice and do numbers 3 and 10 next time. there really are several places and things i’d wish to go and do. tc!

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