10 Things That Should Never Be Said To An Opera Singer.

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There is a very small percentage of the human population that can actually, sincerely, enjoy the Opera¬†experience. Part of my job as a Humanities professor in UP Visayas is to introduce this form of high art to my students. The results are quite sporadic as some of them just refuse to open themselves up and internalize Opera as something that elevates the meaning of our existence. While some do come to me and express how the exposure and basic understanding of Opera changed their appreciation toward the art, some just think it’s an alien kind of entertainment.

I am not going to discuss Opera as per definition, but I have come across this post on Facebook from Tracey Adele Cooper as shared by no less than the Music Director & Conductor of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Maestro Olivier Ochanine. I just laughed out so hard I thought this is worth sharing with you too. The humor is best understood if you have a little background on Opera.

10 Things That Should Never Be Said To An Opera Singer:

1. “Oooh. You’re an opera singer?! I looooooove Phantom of the Opera!”

2. “Don’t you just love Andrea Bocelli?”

3. “Will you sing at my wedding for free?”

4. “So what’s your real job?”

5. “You’re getting your masters in singing? Don’t you just open your mouth?”

6. “I saw an opera once. It was beautiful.” Me — What is it? “I don’t remember.”

7. “You’re so lucky your don’t have to do real work.”

8. “We can’t pay you but we can give you dinner.”

9. “So, do you like, sing in other languages?”

10. “Do opera singers use mics?”

In 1969 the world's greatest opera diva Maria Callas made her first and only venture into the world of film when she played the lead role in Marxist director Pier Paolo Pasolini's Medea.


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