10 Cute Faces in the Corona Impeachment Trial

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To avoid getting high blood pressure while the men and women inside the senate try to kill each other, we might as well shift our attention to pretty faces so we can divert boredom into excitement.

SPOT.ph presents the men and women who made Chief Justice Renato Corona”s impeachment trial “a viewing pleasure.” (In alphabetical order. Written and compiled by Warren Espejo)

Sonny Angara (The House Heartthrob)

This prosecution team member is a congressman representing the lone district of Aurora. He is the son of Senator Edgardo Angara. That being said, he looks like a matinee idol. He has pleasant features and teeth that could land him a toothpaste ad. His age is listed as 39, but he looks at least five years younger than that. What”s your anti-aging secret, Sir?

Screenshot of photo posted on Sonny Angara”s Twitter page.

I'm proud to say Ria's my friend! hahaha! (Hello, princess! You're here! hehehe)

Ria Christina Fariñas (The Comely Chief of Staff)

She is daughter and the chief of staff of Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative Rudy Fariñas, who”s identified with the prosecution team. Her presence has certainly increased the Corona trial cuteness index considerably. Where did she get her looks? Well, her mother is the late actress Maria Teresa Carlson, “Si Ako, Si Ikaw” of Chicks to Chicks fame. This is one lady who knows how to look camera-ready all the time.

Screenshot from ANC video clip.


Noli Hernandez (The Hot Witness)

Megaworld”s senior vice president for marketing and sales is one of the prosecution team”s witnesses. We”ve tagged him as the sexiest bald Pinoy man we”ve ever seen on TV. His smoldering gaze makes him sizzle even more. He rocks our world in a mega way. (He”s so hot he has us waxing corny.)

Screenshot from ANC video clip.

Macel Jimenez (The Beautiful Bystander)

This lovely attorney wasn”t even an active participant in Chief Justice Renato Corona”s impeachment trial, but TV viewers were drawn to her when the camera was pointed (indirectly) at her. An ABS-CBNNews.com report noted that a Twitter user named @dronthego wrote on February 15: “I don”t really watch the impeachment trial, but wow! The lady seated beside the podium of the senator judge is pretty cuteha!” We totally agree. For the record, we know that Jimenez is a UP law graduate and is working in the Senate. She is reportedly one of Senator Loren Legarda”s staff members.

Screenshot of photo posted on ABS-CBNNews.com, photo possibly originally from the publicly available photos of Macel Jimenez”s Facebook account.

Karen Jimeno (The Sexy Defender)

From the moment she was presented as one of Chief Justice Renato Corona”s defense team spokespersons, this attractive attorney already enthralled a good number of TV viewers. We were bowled over when we learned that she graduated cum laude from the UP College of Law and got her master”s degree in law at Harvard University. The she got embroiled in didn”t seem to diminish her appeal.

Screenshot of photo posted on the UP Alumni Association website.

Noel Lazaro (The Bedimpled Defense Lawyer)

Of course, we don”t usually see him smiling when he”s in action. But that”s a damn shame because this Siguion-Reyna Montecillo & Ongsiako Law Offices partner and UP law graduate has a smile that could light up a room. And, hey, the dimple doesn”t hurt. We tried Googling to find out if he just has one dimple or if he has two but Google didn”t lead us to the information. (Bummer!)

Screenshot from The Defense Chronicles (with Leslie Bacobo) video clip.

Midas Marquez (The Supreme Court Hunk)

This visually pleasing lawyer is the Supreme Court (SC) spokesperson and court administrator. He was one of the cuties in our 2010 list, “All the President”s Men: 10 Cutest Guys in Gloria”s Government.” His sophisticated demeanor makes a lot of women swoon. He also has a sense of humor. Last year, the media had a field day overhis uncharacteristic reaction when a microphone fell during a press conference.Marquez laughed off the entire thing and even poked fun at himself. The video clip of the incident went viral.

Screenshot from ANC video clip.

Miro Quimbo (The Spiffy Hairstyle Representative)

He”s on the prosecution team and he”s the congressman of Marikina”s second distict. Histisoy looks and funky hairstyle make him a shoo-in for this list. As one of the prosecution team”s frontliners, it”s a definite plus that he looks the way he does. It”s a tough job, but it helps if you look like you”re always ready for a photo shoot while you”re doing it.

Screenshot of photo posted on Miro Quimbo”s website.

Richie Ramos-Pilares (The Charming Counsel)

Ramos-Pilares got people”s attention because she served as PSBank Katipunan branch manager Annabelle Tiongson”s counsel. She presented herself as a formidable legal eagle, but when she was interviewed later on she showed just how sweet she could be. This Ateneo law school graduate has a face worthy of beauty product commercials.

Screenshot from ANC video clip.

Sherwin Tugna (The Bespectacled Boy Next Door)

He”s a congressman representing the Citizens” Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) party-list. He was among the 188 House members who signed in favor of the impeachment case against Chief Justice Renato Corona. We first noticed his low-key cuteness when he appeared on an ANC show and was identified as a prosecutor. Pretty soon, we were Google-stalking him. We”d like to thank CIBAC for putting up a Facebook page with so many photos of the 34-year-old Tugna. He turns 35 on October 15, but we think he”ll keep his boy-next-door vibe forever.

Screenshot of photo from the CIBAC Facebook page.


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